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House By House, Firefighters Confront Deadly California Blazes

KENWOOD, Calif. —  With hand tools and hoses, firefighters around California’s wine country are battling flames in a fight that sees the yellow-shirted lineup win the majority of its challenges but endure emotionally catastrophic declines.

Fires have been raging across Sonoma and Napa counties for days. At least 21 people have perished in blazes that have consumed more than 3,000 homes, businesses and other buildings.

Entire areas of nearby Santa Rosa have been wiped off the map, but tens of thousands of firefighters have poured into the region to push the flames.

On a street that is very small a canyon above a small number of colleagues, firefighter Darrell Johnson and the Kunde Winery were the defense between a residence and the fire rsquo, which doesn &;t care what income bracket you inhabit. They drew water from the home & rsquo; s pool to quench the fires surrounding the house with its garage , Tuesday night.

“I feel awful we kinda ruined their yard,” Johnson says pointing in the ruts caused by the firetrucks turning around in the narrow driveway. “I hope they forgive us. ”

They will.

Johnson and his team will continue to keep this house from burning down, protecting the property of individuals they & rsquo this nighttime;ll likely never meet. The home has been left by the residents who left Johnson, and mandatory evacuation order & rsquo;s team will probably be here possibly 24, for twelve or more hours, until the fire danger passes. Theyrsquo;ll huddle in the truck if things become too cold or bag out on the ground by the exhaustion of working shifts.

“Try to get some rest,” Johnson, a firefighter and engineer calls out to the crew. “Just don’t even do it. ”

At the moment, flames started flaring into the trees, climbing out of the canyon beneath and trees on the homes’ right flank. A line of fire crept down the hill on the side of the home.

Any ember that lodges in the house’s siding or deck could be the spark which ignites the home, and that’s what these firefighters, called   from Fresno, are here to prevent. Contrary to a hurricane or tornado, a wildfire can pass via precisely the exact same place multiple times within an exhausting dance which forces firefighters to always know their escape paths.

Paige Madrid, in her fourth season as a wildland firefighter for CalFire, faces the hill head-on as they climbs. But that can be boosted by overtime and extra-duty missions significantly entry-level firefighters make about $ 15 an hour. &rdquo, & ldquo; I enjoy the battle, the psychological and bodily challenge; says Madrid. “And I enjoy knowing I’people being helped by m. ”

With that, Madrid opens her hose and begins drenching the approaching fire, bushes and the water making a hiss because it hits the areas. That may fall onto her snuff out on her fire-resistant shirt that is yellowish, along with a hard hat protects her mind .

Johnson walks to test Madrid’s work, warning her to see her footing on the steep hillside — it’s pitch black save for the light cast by the burning bushes —  and to confirm the fire’s overall progress.

It’s governments harbor, and unclear Tuesday night exactly which wildfire these flames belong to ’t stated how the fires could have started. CalFire, the fire bureau, employs the great majority of them working engines off like Johnson and his crew, about 8,000 full and seasonal firefighters.

&ldquo” Johnson says as he sees Madrid’s handiwork. “The smoke is currently going up. ”

Smoke moving up means there’s no end, and no wind is fantastic for firefighters. Forecasters have predicted that the winds will pick up in a couple of hours, and everyone is watching for a change in the weather.

This fire was moving gradually, consuming trees and brush but not rampaging throughout the landscape lately, and as the others have done nearby Tuesday night. The Kunde Winery looked likely to escape damage, a story repeated throughout the region: Vineyards tend to be on the flatter portions of the valleys, while houses are often perched making them more vulnerable to advancing fires.

Geography plays an important role in how fires spread. They burn off aggressively faulty, and may throw embers a mile or more across tops.

But fires burn slowly, particularly without wind. Tonight, the wind stays calm, and the temperature falls also suddenly low, falling below 50 degrees by midnight, then to around 40 degrees by two a.m. Cooler weather limits fire development, which is fantastic news for Johnson and his team, because they ’ll be spending the next 12 hours shielding these strangers’ home.

The neighborhoods are deserted, homeowners having hurried out hours or days prior to, stuck in the interminable lineup or Santa Rosa in the Rohnert Park In-N-Out Burger.

The evacuation zones have been deserted, and each car without markings that were official gets challenged by police officers. There’s a strong sense that the pros are currently becoming this situation under control.

However, not every homeowner will be lucky this evening.

A couple of miles away in Oakmont’s golf club neighborhood , dejected firefighters watch as a house burns to the ground, rafters dripping flame, the rooftop satellite dish also falling and wilting. They decline to be interviewed, clearly upset at their failure to stop catastrophe.

The home sits atop a hill overlooking the remainder of Oakmont, and it is being watched by firefighters because it burnsoff, the odor of eucalyptus trees hanging heavy in the air.

Modern houses are filled with oil products that burn and the intense heat it throws off can cause neighboring homes to burn a horrifying chain reaction when a single home goes up. So the firefighters out of Santa Monica and the Windsor fire departments should see to this home in the funeral pyre until the threat passes.

Back in Kenwood, his staff to use their water wisely is admonished by Johnson. Engine 4362 is miles from the nearest hydrant, and once the pool along with the truck&rsquo rsquo & there;ll be little they could do in case the fire flares up.

Placing her feet a little more ardently as she pits trees, Madrid says she’so proud of her jobll never meet.

“I’d want everybody & rdquo; she says, If I faced something similar to this. “I’d want them to do everything they can for me. Therefore I’m doing everything I could do to them. ”

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