Lange Spar In ‘delicious’ Bette Davis-Joan Crawford ‘Feud’

LOS ANGELES — As Joan Crawford, aging and no more in demand, agonizes in her living area within an unflattering newspaper photograph, a swirl of conflicting feelings compete for cameos: disbelief, sadness, pride, self-pity, vengeance and –  finally – fury.

As played by Jessica Lange in FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan (Sunday, 10 ET/PT), Crawford simmers in 1 take, before heading  full Vesuvius in another, shouting at her faithful housekeeper when she tries to calm her with tea.

After getting compliments from your manager and team, Lange reveals her devotion: “Can we do another shoot?” Exiting the New York apartment set,  the invigorated celebrity gives a celebratory punch in the shoulder to manufacturer Chip Vucelich.

It’s a master class in acting that shows Crawford’s pain as time erodes the carefully crafted mask of Hollywood glamour. Fading glory hurts   anybody, but she and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) were film stars — which means higher highs, lower lows and, in their case, larger drama.