J. Law Is The Hottest ‘Old Lady’ In Funny Or Die Trailer

How old is Jennifer Lawrence actually? I mean, sure, her bio says she is 25, but she does not actually act her age…

Think about it.

Joy? American Hustle? Silver Linings Playbook? You follow where we are going for this?

Funny or Die makes it. In Old Lady Who Seems Really Youthful and Sexy, their fake trailer released Friday, the comedy video site parodies Hollywood’s obsession with all casting young old individuals  by casting the fresh-faced A-lister  within an 89-year-old.   OK, so  that she may “seem  like she is 16” but this is a hardened woman, people. She is currently STRUGGLING. . .to  keep her boyfriend (Donald Sutherland), to reconcile with her great-grandson (Robert De Niro), and also  for bartenders to serve her!