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#BookmarkThis: Oprah, Barry Jenkins Get ‘Railroad’ Writer Colson Whitehead’s Vote

Q: Since you August 2016’ve been an Oprah selection, then-president Obama told Americans to see your publication and 2 major awards were won by you. What’s year and a half been like?

A: It’s been pretty wild. Normally I’m accustomed to putting out a publication, after a month nobody cares or wants to speak to me (laughs) and I’m back into my office working. It just looked for me when I was writing it; I wanted to do my usual thing rather than screwing up. As soon as I handed it, the enthusiasm grew and grew. It’s been year and a half.

Why did you decide to depict the Underground Railroad as a literal railroad?

A: It’s &ldquo? … A great deal of my books have begun with an abstract assumption. My first book (The Intuitionist) was about elevator inspectors. What if an elevator inspector needed to address a case, become a detective? Taking these kind of thoughts that are weird and seeing what kind of story I could generate was appealing for this or that project.

Q: your heroine, Cora, is this a powerful personality. Did you base her on anybody in particular?

A: No.

Folks have asked if there’s any in her, and she’s such as, my personality. Maybe rsquo & that; therefore why people like her. (Laughs.) In attempting to figure out that she was, ” I’m projecting myself into this terrible situation — slavery — and attempting to imagine the courage (it’d take to endure), and just how do you find hope in that depravity.

Why Were The Underground Railroad an difficult book to write?

A: The hardest part wasn’t writing it, it had been doing the research, realizing slavery’s true horror. Recognizing that in order to be realistic, I had to place Cora through terrible things . Recognizing that I’m people who survived’s descendant. It’s a miracle I’m and my ancestors didn’t die at this or that intersection. Grappling with this has been the toughest part.

A: After (Jenkins) approached us, the book had been out a month. Before Moonlight had come outside, this was. We watched an early screener of the film; he was really smart, and we’re like, “Take it away!” Once he got the Oscar, each of of the contracts came through, so that he’s been working on it, writing it, and it’s very exciting. In terms of casting, Cora would be 17 or 16. I’m. Probably will be someone new, so we&rsquo.

A: I’ll wait for her to state, “rsquo & I;m conducting. ” Obviously, I think a cat probably could do a much better job. Oprah is much better than what we have today. However, I think I saw someone say, &ldquo would you have a nice life and then run for president? It’s a terrible 18 months (campaigning) and it’s a project where everybody hates you.” I think Oprah has a nice life. I believe she’s not going to run. I haven’t talked to her … (but) I’m sure if she put her mind to it’d do a fantastic job.

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