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Excerpt: ‘Never Always Sometimes’ By Adi Alsaid

HEA shares an excerpt Sometimes.

Concerning the book (courtesy of Harlequin Teen):

Never date your Very Best friend

Always be original

Sometimes Principles are meant to be broken

Buddies Dave and Julia were determined to never be cliché high school children–the people who sit at the lunch table every day, dissecting the drama from homeroom and plotting their attempts. They wrote their own Never List of everything they vowed they would never , ever do in school.

Some of the principles are simple to follow, such as #5, never die your hair # 7, or a colour of the rainbow, never hook up with a teacher. However, Dave has a secret: he’s broken rule never pine after somebody to get high school’s entirety. It is either that or break rule #10, never date your very best friend. Dave has loved Julia for so long as he could remember.

Julia is impetuous, wild and amazing. So when she suggests they do every among the, Dave is very happy to play together. He even dyes his hair a unfortunate shade of green. It starts as a joke, but a funny thing happens: Dave and Julia find that by bypassing the clichés, they have actually been missing out on college. And maybe even on adore.


“You’re being strangely helpful,” Julia said, putting on her gloves and eyeing Brett. “I did not know you might be…”

“A nice person?” Brett said. “I’m somewhat hurt.”

“I wasn’t trying to insinuate anything, I was really fighting to get a way to finish the idea. However, yeah person works. I thought you were just going to be critical of the strategy. Like with the explosions.”

“Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for decades for you guys to come from the shells. I needed to be around to see it happen.”

“Shells? What cubes? I’m not shy.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with shyness. The tiny tortoise shell the both of you live in without allowing the rest of the planet in,” Brett said, turning on the generator, the whirring cutting off Julia’s opportunity to retort. She looked over at Dave, who could only shrug. There was likely some truth in.

At first it didn’t look like they accomplished . Julia and Dave piled piles of wood. Brett would hand a few boards that are pencil-marked to Dave and tell him where to hammer nails, which Dave would perform careful not to miss the little exes. Music playing from the truck of Brett filled the night, even although it was drowned out by sawing, drilling, and Julia making fun of Brett’s taste.

All of a sudden, there were stairs leading up the tree. The skeleton of a treehouse had appeared as if through magic. It was nothing which Dave would dare to get into yet, but he could see it coming such as a connect-the-dots drawing which was a missing a few lines when he squinted at it.

With each branch sawed from the way, a sense of accomplishment maybe that just happened in Dave’s head, or built from the air. Every now and then Julia’s arm could brush against his, bare regardless of the chilly night–they had all started perspiration early and long-sleeves were immediately rolled upward, sweaters lost into a small heap in the bed of their pick-up truck, which early in the night held plenty of gear and was mostly bare. It’d be a lie to say he felt at the touch of her skin–skin does not forget so fast–nor would it be honest to say it did not make him happy–hearts are worse in learning new customs–but it did not feel nostalgic anymore. In fact, the shiver down his back would lead to notions of Gretchen, and it was with her face in your mind that the treehouse is put together by him.

When the sun started to bruise the skies the three of them place down their tools and looked out at the tree. Dave was sweating, and he can hear Brett along with Julia breathing heavily with him. While Brett made a run to a local deli for a huge thermos of coffee and a box of bagels, Julia and Dave added the finishing touches; applying a coating of varnish to the outside, sanding away the rough edges on the counter which confronted out at the whole school, arranging an armory of pillows purchased at a Goodwill store and sprayed with disinfectant prior to being spread around the treehouse floor, ready for Seniors in their last two languid months of school before liberty.

It was broken by them collectively, spilling grains of sugar and drops and talking regardless of the exhaustion that was accumulated. Julia and Dave have been from having to sit through course, but there was a feeling that they had done something meaningful and lasting.

“Hold this pencil with me,” Julia said, pulling the Nevers record from her back pocket.

“Perhaps you have seriously been carrying that with you every day?”

“Shut up and hold this pen,” she explained. He wrapped his hands and Julia’s hands covered his own. The pen moved throughout the page. “There. We’ve got a lunch spot today.”

Brett swallowed a bite of bagel, “S***, I wish I would have gotten this on tape. That would have been perfect.” He went to find the camera and wiped some cream cheese. “Say it.”

Julia folding the list, laughed and shook her head. “Too late, man. It is done.”

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