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GWAR Gives Pet Shop Boys That The Treatment

File this one under Halloween cure or something you can’t unsee/unhear, depending upon your musical taste.GWAR may have lost   singer Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) before this summer, but that hasn’t stopped the thrash-metal outfit from haunting our musical nightmares.Never noticed these before? Picture the Orks from Lord of the Rings and you’re going to have it around right.Anyway, the group has covered the Pet Shop Boys’ best hit hit, West End Girls, for, making it the very first time this writer has managed to understand anything GWAR sang. (And I used to  listen to

, so that is saying something.) (Caution: Some of this language is NSFW):If you dig this particular cover, there’s more where that came out. The band has covered Billy Ocean’s

and Kansas’